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Property Value
  • الرحمن
  • The Most Gracious
  • أركان الإسلام:التوحيد:توحيد الله تعالي:صفات الله تعالى:الرحمن
  • Pillars of Islam:Islamic:Oneness of Allah:His Glory's Characteristics:The Most Gracious
Additional triples of the resource :
Subject Label Property Object
qur:Topic1-1-1-20 His Glory's Characteristics qur:HasSubTopic Topic1-1-1-20-30
qur:quran1-1 In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. qur:DiscussTopic Topic1-1-1-20-30
qur:quran55-1 The Most Merciful qur:DiscussTopic Topic1-1-1-20-30